Tuan Chau looks for investors

Tuan Chau looks for investors

A list of around 50 investment projects for Tuan Chau city’ master construction project will be aired at an investment promotion meeting on November 2, 2011 by investor Au Lac Company Limited.

“These projects are part of a master planning to turn Tuan Chau island in northern Quang Ninh province into a brisk port and tourism city, which was ratified by the provincial authorities,” said Au Lac Company’s general director Dao Anh Tuan, adding that the firm has finalised construction of transport infrastructure, water and electricity systems to project areas.

In fact, of the proposed 703ha project site (not including water surface area) Au Lac had pressed into service resort and entertainment complexes belonging to Tuan Chau international entertainment and resort project. The remaining area, grabbing over 70 per cent of total land area, is earmarked for items under Tuan Chau city project.

Most recently, two projects on building Tuan Chau Marina yacht harbour and Ngoc Chau Marina commercial-tourism port spanning over 6.5 kilometre worth VND1.5 trillion ($72.4 million) in total investment have finalised first-phase construction. The yacht is now up and running.

“As scheduled, remaining items at Ngoc Chau port project will be completed in summer 2012. When construction was ended, with a handling capacity of around 600 ships this would be Vietnam’s most bustling port system,” Tuan said.

Besides, a number of projects on building commercial quarters, terraced houses and villas are now in the development pipeline by Au Lac Company aiming at turning Tuan Chau island at well-known Ha Long Bay into virtually an ocean tourism city, an animated commercial center and an ideal rendezvous for investors and traders in the region and the world.

Tuan, however, said that this ambitious target would hardly be realised, if essential social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and mart system were not also in place.

“We are searching long-term cooperation and investment from domestic and foreign investors from now until 2015 to make the dreamlike Tuan Chau city into a reality,” said Tuan, adding that after the Hanoi investment promotion meeting, the same event will be held followed suit in Ho Chi Minh City.

The possibility to call for investment abroad was being weighed up to help lure investment into luxury hotel construction at the waterfront city project, according to Au Lac’s chief.

Tuan also said if the current campaign to call for voting Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay as one the world’s seven new wonders was a success, this would help magnify the city project’s attraction.

(Bao dau tu English)


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