Sailing for beginner in Vietnam

New Year’s holiday on a sunny beaches and sandy wind, one side of leisurely thousands of fishing boats anchored the Mui Ne, one side of the beach with vast stretches of coconut groves and luxurious resorts, we left behind the sand dunes are pristine and wind sail from Manta Sailing Centre, the training center on the first sailing boat racing federation Vietnam.

You can find everything from casual setting and friendly arriving in the reception room and this is like the style of the owner, Ms. Julia Shaw. As a woman small but energetic, Julia was born in Ireland, Malaysia, grew up in England and studying in Hong Kong and also no doubt that her own until one day she Vietnam as a stopping point and career growth.

In Manta, foreign visitors are interested because they can easily recognize familiar kinds of yachts and standard sailing associations world wide such as the Laser Standard, Laser Radial, or RS Feva RS Tera. Besides the smaller size for the start of Bic a famous water sports brand in France is also present here. Manta is equipped with full safety equipment, sunglasses, suit jacket, two rescue boats RIB type with powerful outboard can reach speeds over 35 knots. Everything was great for you to start exploring this hobby in sailing, the wind light at 9 am, sunny, warm sea and the friendly Vietnamese people to make everything ready from the masts, sails and boom, rudder and centre board

Michael Smith, a visitor to share  “1 km away from the beach … fishing port on the left, horizontal skyline to the right with a pair of fishing boats working with nets in the waves … I kept the boat straight to Mui Ne. Sail boats pulled like banging on the wind. Coached my boat and a staff of several hundred meters away he went on two separate RIB boat. Laser boat they are going faster than RS Feva my boat and they have more experience than me. It was the first time I sailed alone. It’s amazing. ”

Manta is really the ideal place to start exploring your sailing hobby.
Price at Manta is 50US/hour training for a boat with a coach, one-third compared to similar services abroad.
Contact Information
Manta Sail Training Centre
108 Huynh Thuc Khang, Mui Ne, Binh Thuan
Julia Shaw, M: 0908400108, E:


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