The socialist Republic of Vietnam is one of the most easterly countries of the Mekong region.

It borders China to the North, Laos along its northwestern border and Cambodia on the southwest and the South China Sea to the East and South.

Vietnam is the most beautiful and unspoilt country in Asia, with stunning coastline, patty fields, mountainous jungle, ancient monuments and exciting cities.

Vietnam is blessed with a coastline stretching 3,000 km with hundreds of beaches up and down the country that cater to all tastes.

There are the white sand beaches where you can view sunsets, beaches with 5 star facilities and beaches with nothing at all to do except swim, relax and enjoy the local culture.

Vietnam is a popular yacht charter destination in South East Asia, and Ha Long Bay with its spectacular limestone islands is a major yacht charter centre.

A yacht charter along the coasts of Vietnam, you will be welcomed to a World where the colors are more vivid, the landscape bolder, the coastline more dramatic, where the history is compelling, where the tastes are more divine and where life is lived in the fast lane.

Sailing in Vietnam is ideal from May to October every year.

The weather is better and the sailors will benefit from the south-westerly winds, the calm seas, plenty of sunshine and only a little rain.

Nha Trang is a good starting place to visit the further yacht charter destinations in the regions. Nha Trang has superb sailing conditions, beautiful beaches and some famous off lying islands like Hon Tre, Hon Yen and Hon Rua.

Surrounded by green hills, its deep-blue bay is fringed with a glorious crescent of golden-white sand.

You can also continue your sailing route from Nha Trang and cast off to explore the Khanh Hoa province, which includes approximately 60 miles of spectacular coastline with beautiful beaches, islands and deep coves.


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